Big production plants more often choose 3D printers not only for rapid prototyping but also for supporting production by printing specific parts which are functional elements of final products. In addition, 3D printers can be used to print elements supporting machines – which are the line’s equipment, e.g. dedicated grippers for robot arms, or the employees themselves who can print accessories or equipment. Our P440 and P800D printers from industrial line are ideally suited to work in production plants, which offer their users printing from a wide range of materials according to current needs, including technical materials as PEEK or PEI, which can even replace metal.

What is PEEK and PEI?

They are one of the most thermally and mechanically resistant materials. Thermal resistance reaches 250 degrees Celsius in the case of PEEK, additionally they show chemical resistance and are not highly toxic. PEEK is perfect for 3D printing of final details for industries such as automotive, aerospace or medical. PEI, commonly known as ULTEM, has a slightly lower temperature resistance, but is also more cost-effective, while maintaining a mechanical resistance similar to PEEK. The quality of these materials is evidenced by the fact that ULTEM has been certified by Airbus and is placed in aircrafts.