As part of the sub-measure 1.1.1: Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises of the Intelligent Development Operational Program for 2014-2020, UBOT TECHNOLOGIES is implementing a project entitled Development of an innovative, fast, industrial 3D printer based on the proprietary FPD (Fast Plastic Deposit) printing technology.

Project objectives: The subject of the project is research and development work on the creation of an innovative, industrial 3D printer. The main advantage and innovation of the printer will be printing based on the proprietary FPD (Fast Plastic Deposit) method developed within the project, which will allow for multiple acceleration of the printing process compared to reference printers.

Planned effects: the effect of the work being carried out will be the creation of a prototype of an innovative, large-size 3D printer intended for the production of elements using thermoplastic materials in FPD technology (alternative to FDM, FFF, LPD), which will be characterized by a much faster material printing rate than in the case of reference printers. The prototype will enrich the company’s product offer

Project value: PLN 3 494 637.62

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 2,453,694.51

As part of the Smart Growth Operational Program for 2014-2020, UBOT Michał Melon is implementing a project under the sub-measure 3.3.3 Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands – Go To Brand Voucher

Objectives of the project: the subject of the project is to increase the competitiveness of UBOT Michał Melon through the internationalization of business activities in the 3D printer industry and undertaken as part of the promotion program for the automotive and aviation parts industry through promotional and promotional activities on foreign markets of the Polish competitive product brand UBOT from 01/04/2017 to 31/12/2019

Planned effects: breaking barriers, increasing popularity, concluding commercial contracts for the supply of UBOT products, generating revenues from the sale of products. The implementation of the project in question will allow the UBOT brand to become a brand recognizable on foreign markets as MPG, which will translate into an increase in the interest in products by contractors and foreign customers.


Project value: PLN 531 377.00

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 391,085.00