3D printing in the automotive and aviation industry is now a new standard. This is one of the main currents of technological change referring to revolution 4.0 for these sectors of the economy. In addition to rapid prototyping, creating models of components, dashboards, bumpers, mirrors or elements of aircraft cabin equipment, there are many ideas for using these components in low-volume production. Our P440 and P800D printers from the industrial line are perfect for use in  these specific industries where quality, print accuracy and the ability to use advanced PEEK or PEI materials are key elements of the full use of these machines in production plants.

Have you got missing parts for your classic car? If they are no longer available in the manufacturer’s warehouses, and you have access to a 3D printer, you can easily print missing parts.. The FDM technology offered in our printers allows us to reproduce original details of car body parts, interior fittings or small functional parts. Parts for your classic from a 3D printer save your time and money.