What are the benefits of 3D printing in maintenance departments? Production companies use 3D printers in the production of spare parts, especially when they are no longer available, the cost of their purchase is too high or the shipping parts for machines used on the production line is too long. Use of 3D printers by the company’s maintenance services allows to minimize production downtime and is more often an element of a preventive maintenance strategy. Currently, we see a trend in the world of shortening supply chains. Their stability is no longer as before the COVID-19 epidemic, so the strategy of diversifying the risk of stopping production by having your own 3D printer is highly recommended, All companies interested in implementing 3D printers in their maintenance departments should consider the P440 or P800D printers from our industrial line. Thanks to the closed and heated working chamber and the possibility of printing from many materials, our 3D printers are an ideal machines  in maintaining the daily operation of the production line.