Rapid prototyping, is one of the greatest advantages of 3D printing, which can be used in virtually any industry. You’ll achieve two important goals with our Rapid Prototyping printers. The first will be to shorten product time-to-market. Thanks to this, the design and R&D departments can verify the correctness of the CAD design, and engineers can perform appropriate functional tests and check fitting of elements. The second is the reduction of the risk of making a mistake, during dimensioning individual elements of the model.

Why is it worth having your own 3D printer? The ease of use of our machies means that they can easily become part of any construction, design or R&D department. Having a printer allows you to avoid outsourcing the construction of the prototype to a subcontractor and protects the technology against leakage to the outside. In addition, it allows you to save costs by giving the possibility of unlimited corrections of any materials, which significantly speeds up the conceptual work on the final product.